It’s week 6, people. Did you hear me? Week 6! (DWTS Week Six Recap)

As we were reminded multiple times last night, it is WEEK 6! Apparently, this means that Len is super-grouchy, and the judges are finally speaking their mind, instead of coddling the lesser-talented contestants (yes, I mean you, Chaz). It also means the scores, and the stakes, are climbing higher! Themes continue, with this week being Broadway tunes – making the absence of our dear Carson Kressley so much more obvious. On a side note, it was interesting to read articles last week on how upset everyone was at the loss of Carson. Carrie Ann even said her hairdresser wouldn’t come back since Carson had left! It was a sweet gesture to have him back on this week.

But voting off the fan favorite definitely shows the shift in voting priority! At this stage of the competition, viewers start to vote differently: contestants begin to drop off based on actual talent, rather than the popularity contest it has been until now. There are a few exceptions each season of course (Marie Osmond = Top 3? Ha!), but it was obvious last night that the judges are taking this more seriously, and so are our ‘stars’. As an added bonus this week, I thought it’d be fun to re-examine my predictions from episode one – the list is at the end of the recap!

But first, here’s a recap of the dances, in order of overall score:

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I was a Funk-a-teer! (DWTS Week 5 recap)

Was everyone else feelin’ the 80’s theme night last night on DWTS?  While I reallyliked the music and the costumes, (Maks’ Prince jacket anyone?) it was sort of hard to tell exactly what dance they were actually doing.  And what was up with the judges bickering and talking over each other like crazy?! Too much madness! Perhaps “theme nights” should say adios!  Or, maybe I was just distracted….although, as I heard on Regis and Kelly this morning, Kelly said the SAME THING!  What are your thoughts?

Before we get to the dancing, would anyone else buy a Funk-a-Teer t-shirt? Just me? Awesome!

OK!  On to the dancing!!

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff: 28 out of possible 30  Bruno Tonioli, understated as always, called J.R. “a loin-shattering sex machine” and marveled that a woman on one of the upper levels had enjoyed J.R.’s loin-shattering hip action so much that she was about to throw herself off the balcony. That’s when you know you’re muy caliente.But I agree, he really was awesome and is giving Ricki a run for her money!

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Indy and Woody and Cher, OH MY! (DWTS Week Four Recap)

imageHappy Tuesday everyone!  Last night may have been one of my favorite nights of DWTS ever!  Not because the dancing was great (‘cause it really wasn’t), but I am digging these theme nights!  Tonight was movie theme night, including music from Indiana Jones, Toy Story, Rocky, Pink Panther, Mission Impossible and more. (On a non-dancing side note, did anyone see the Puss in Boots commercial where he has a dance-off with another cat?  LOVE IT!)

Now to the Dancers.

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough: 29 out of possible 30!!  In a word:  AH-MAY-ZING!  Derek did an fantastic job, Ricki was wonderful and solidified herself as the best dancer out there,  AND as a special bonus……it looks like she has lost weight and looked amazing!   First 10’s of the season that were well earned.

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Hey Chaz! Fred Flintstone called and he wants his vest back! (DWTS Episode 3 Recap)

OK…that may be the only snarky thing I have to say about last night. (Ha! Who am I kidding?!)  It was just a whole lot of loving, crying and support on last night’s Dancing With The Stars. The 10 contestants were to pay tribute to the most memorable year of their lives. (and as a side note…they got to pick their own music, which I THINK is a first for the show? Other than freestyle, of course). We’ve got some real tearjerkers in this bunch! The spectrum of humanity we witnessed was huge and heroic (Hello, J.R. Martinez), tragic, serious, and even uplifting — you know, like Kristin Cavallari’s decision to choose Hollywood over college.  (Oops! There is that snarkiness I was trying to cut down on )

This week we are going in order of highest score to lowest rather than when they came out:

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough: 27 out of possible 30 When I saw Ricki’s crimped hair, I thought the most memorable year of her life would turn out to be “all of the ’80s,” but nope, it was 2010, the year she ran out of her burning house and then let herself love again. I loved how she rattled off “I thought I would never get married again; I thought I would never do Dancing With the Stars” as if those were two life options that just happen to casually present themselves to people. Stars: They’re not just like us, after all. Continue reading

Metta World…. Peace Out (DWTS – Episode Two Recap)

And that wasn’t the only thing out last night!!

OK….I have to admit….it watched it this morning and didn’t notice a “slip” at all. I think this picture makes more of it than there was. What are your thoughts on Nancy? She is sort of growing on me, although I don’t like the way she treated our wee Irish partner this week! Did anyone else noticed the way she kept caressing his face during practice? CA-reepy for sure!

This week I tried to find a fun quote for each couple that was either said or said about them.  Enjoy!

First jive of the night:  Hope and Maks:  nice booty shake and she looks like she is having a much better time this week.  Len loves it, but she lost her timing a little bit.  Bruno: precise and accurate..needs to work on it.  Score: 19 out of 30

Kristin and Mark: Quick step: a cute Marilyn!  Bedazzled by the blonde bombshell.  Hold your frame.  Dance wasn’t as good as you look.  Score:  22 Continue reading

DWTS-Episode One Recap (and Introducing Becky!)

beckyFirst, I am happy to introduce you to Becky, my dear friend. While Becky has recently left the world of the single gal to enter the land of the married, for years she was a shining example of an independent, single woman. Strong minded, loyal, funny, self-aware, generous and never willing to sacrifice for less than she deserves. So, I am allowing her to remain an honorary member of the single club. Each Tuesday, she’ll be giving us a breakdown of that brilliant weekly entertainment show that crosses all womankind – Dancing With The Stars! And now, here’s the recap!

Welcome to my first official recap of DANCING!!!!  With the Stars!!!  I am still working on a format, so I promise that these will get nothing but better from this one forward.

(First, I want to assure all my new readers that I have watched all 12 seasons of DWTS from the beginning, and am fairly spot-on with judges scores before they actually give them out… yes….I like to think of myself as somewhat of an expert on the show. Now, let the games begin!) Continue reading