Miss America 2015 Live Blog

I can’t help it, I LOVE watching Miss America. I used to watch it with my sister and my dad growing up – we’d make fun of the contestants and the stupid things that are said, and the inevitable blunders. I know, it’s mean, but was a great bonding experience. As an adult I continue to watch and taunt from my living room. This year, after a full day of watching football, I was settled into my comfy chair and was going to watch with little fanfare. Until one golden nugget from Miss Texas (I think, camera cut off the sash), and decided this year warrants a live blog. So, here goes:


8:53pm – “This sounds a little odd, but right before I go out, I think of puppies and kittens because it makes me happy inside.”  No dear, doesn’t sound odd at all….

Live Show

9:02pm – Miss California “from the avocado capital, holy guacamole, I’m Marina Inserra, Miss California”

9:02pm – Miss Colorado “from the highest city in the country, I’m talking elevation, people!”

9:03pm – Camera had to tilt down for Indiana – wow, she’s short!

9:04pm – did you know Louisiana has four seasons? Football, hurricanes, Mardi Gras and crawfish.

9:04pm – Ooh, and we’re arrogant. Soon-to-be Dr. Massachusetts at Harvard dental school.

9:05pm – Reality TV whore alert!  From American Idol to Miss America, it’s Miss Mississippi

9:05pm – Really Missouri, the only claim to fame for your state is the hometown of Walt Disney??

9:06pm – Oh, Miss Nebraska, never wear a leather dress again. Is that a baby bump?

9:07pm – Ok, now THAT’s a reason for a state to be proud! Thank you Oklahoma for giving us Chuck Norris!! Or maybe Chuck Norris gave us Oklahoma?

9:08pm – Miss Utah, I don’t give a rats ass that your favorite snack is green jello.

9:09pm – OMG, Miss Virgin Islands “Just like my braces, I’m here for a year!”

9:09pm – Seahawks shout out from Miss Washington, who, unlike previous years, is pretty cute!

first semifinalist – Miss Idaho.  Who promptly falls to the ground. Note, she wore her insulin pump outside her dress for the intros.

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