Obsession: Jell-O Shots | Part One: Failure

I LOVE Jell-O shots. It’s liquor happiness wrapped in a jiggly package! Lately I’ve been obsessed with not just a yummy tasting Jell-o shot, but also the perfect serving mechanism. I mean, little plastic cups works for a bar, but if you’re serving them at a party, you want them to be tasty and pretty! I’ve made Jello-O shots a dozen times, but always have served them with a spoon, or by hand. Bo-ring.

I was inspired by this blog post with these beautiful lemon shots. This research led to a few other gorgeous shots, including these Strawberry Margarita Shots, and these Ice Wine Shots. The presentation on these are amazing. So, for my most recent party, I thought I’d give it a try. I decided to try lime margarita shots and fuzzy navel shots.

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What is Modern Homemaking?

Use the word “Homemaker” or “Homemaking” and you instantly think of a perfectly coiffed, petite woman in the 1950’s, with a fabulous dress, apron, updo and red lipstick, don’t you?  The old television shows of the 50’s gave us these iconic images of the quintessential homemaker – she always looked amazing, seemed to have everything in order, with a smile on her face and cookies in the oven. June Cleaver, Harriet Nelson, Donna Stone provided the perfect homemaker role models…although some of us feel more like Lucy Ricardo.

barbarabillingsley   nelsons_ozzie_harriet_david_ricky  lb1213_reed_12-13-08_92CJUP6

OR…?  lucy-ethel2

While many women may find the idea of a ‘homemaker’ to be old fashioned, or even demeaning, I really think that nothing could be farther from the truth. These women ruled the home. They may not have had full time jobs, but they were in control of their household. I think this is something we can and should continue, single or married.

There are many elements I see as key to ruling your home. Here are just a few I hope to tackle in this blog.

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