Save your salad!

As a single girl, I’ve discovered I throw away so much food. I just can’t seem to eat it all before it goes bad. The worst are the packaged salad mixes. They last two days, maybe three, before the lettuce turns soggy and mushy against the plastic bag. Half the time, the lettuce is already wet and mushy when you buy it!

I have discovered a solution, a pretty simple one. When you buy bagged salad, immediately open it up (well, ok, when you get home!) and empty the contents into a colander in the sink.

Sort through it, taking out any bruised or mushy leaves. Next, gently shake it in the colander a bit to get the water off and separate the leaves. Let it sit for an hour or two, until it’s dry. Be sure not to leave it out too long, or it will start to wilt, which defeats the whole point!

Once it’s dry, put the lettuce in Tupperware or a plastic container. Don’t pack it in too tight – keep it loose so the air can circulate. This trick also works for the boxed lettuce. You can put some of the lettuce back into the plastic box, but not all of it! It will be too squished, and you’ll be back where you started. Put about half in the box, and put the rest in new containers.

Store the container(s) in the refrigerator and it should keep for at least a week, sometimes longer.

This trick has been a great money saver! And now I’m able to buy my two favorite mixed salad bags (Arugula Blend and Herb Salad mix from Trader Joe’s), combine them, and eat them until they’re gone, instead of until they go bad!