Introducing Stefeny!

163135_468887086745_509936745_6186162_1400690_nStefeny is a renaissance woman who has done almost every profession that she can think of and then some. But, her first love is working in the kitchen. She has worked in catering and as a personal chef for years. Growing up in the food industry, she has a passion for what is created in the kitchen, and for helping others find their kitchen goddess. If I was on death row and had to pick my last meal, I would choose anything that Stefeny cooks me. Partly ‘cause she’s awesome, and partly ‘cause I know she’d make sure to not include green beans! A fellow single Modern Homemaker, she knows the both the single girl’s life and that of a busy family through her work as a nanny and chef. Stefeny will be providing periodic posts about how to cook for yourself as a single, modern woman.

Her philosophy is : A Life Lived in Fear is A Life Half Lived.