Handmade cake plate

IMG_3409One of my favorite sites put out this great book with so many DIY projects. One of my favorite projects is a DIY cake plate. This is an easy project that allows for so much personalization. And the primary pieces required can be found inexpensively at your local thrift store!

Supplies needed:

Plates – dinner plate size is best, or fancy china
Glass candlesticks
Clear epoxy
Goo Gone



IMG_3411First Step – Find the perfect combinations

Thrift stores have such fantastic plates, and many are one-offs, which is perfect for our purposes. I also found a couple sets, that were a little smaller, but perfect for a set of cake plates.

I set out all the plates and candlesticks and matched them up. Some matched by height, some by style. There were a few cases where I had two matching plates and two matching candlesticks that worked perfect. If you can match them up at the store, even better!

IMG_3407Second Step – Clean and de-goo

The down side to thrift store plates, specifically the ones from Value Village, is that the stickers are so hard to get off. A little Goo Gone to the rescue. You can get this stuff at Target or Wal-Mart or Home Depot (get it when you buy the epoxy!) – I actually found some at Dollar Tree. Pour a little on the sticker and let it sit for a couple minutes. Using a scraper, or plastic knife, or something similar, scrape the sticker off. Once you’ve removed all the sticky stuff, thoroughly wash and dry each plate.


IMG_3412IMG_3414Third Step – Mix the epoxy

Most epoxy comes in a two barreled plunger. The contents must be mixed together and applied quickly. It will dry rapidly. I actually mixed a bit at a time and applied it to a few plates before moving on. I used a paper plate and a plastic knife to mix the epoxy.

Also, be sure not to get it on anything. While it is not quite as fast setting as super glue, it will be nearly impossible to get off of anything, and will make your hands awfully sticky.

Fourth Step – Apply and set

I used the knife I mixed the epoxy with to apply it to the top of each candlestick. Then, with the plates upside down, I set the candlestick in place and pressed gently. The epoxy will dry in about an hour, but should be left for a day before handling just to make sure it sets.

Voila! Beautiful, handmade gifts for your friends and family!


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