Summer BBQs–Festive decorations for your parties!

IMG_3802Summer is finally upon us! Which means it is time for summer BBQs with friends! In Seattle, summer doesn’t really begin until the 4th of July, which is truly a perfect excuse for a party! Here are some fun, easy, and INEXPENSIVE ways to create festive decorations for your holiday party table.

One day, while home sick from work, I was watching the Nate Berkus show and was inspired by an episode on thrifting. He had a segment with a fantastic blogger, Mr. Kate, who created a beautiful holiday table with all thrift store finds. With a little bargain hunting and couple cans of spray paint, you can do the same.

Do a little shopping

Mr. Kate went into the thrift store imagining beyond just what she was seeing. Sure, that ceramic eagle figurine w/ the muted pastel colors and the weird eyes looks pretty creepy now, but spray painted white, it’s a great accent for a 4th of July table. Those slightly rusty metal bowls have great lines, and with a couple coats of navy blue and a cloth napkin liner, they could be the perfect bowl for your buns. And, at 30 cents a piece, you can spray paint the handles of thrift store silverware for a fun look. Whatever you can’t find at the thrift store, you can supplement at the dollar store. I found plates and napkins at the Dollar Tree – they fit in perfectly!

Here are my finds:

decor cost

Spray painting your finds

Painting the silverware was the most difficult. I used Frog tape and napkins to tape off all the silverware pieces. I spread out a dropcloth outside to paint all the silverware and the other items I’d bought. What I learned was that laying out the silverware on the dropcloth caused a lot of fuzz to stick and made the paint very unsmooth. After buffing out a bit, I made sure to keep the silverware off the cloth. I sprayed everything with primer first, then the spray paint. Do note that this will not be permanent. The paint will chip off. A clear coat will help, but don’t be disappointed if the paint chips, as it likely will. But for how inexpensive it all is, I didn’t worry too much about it.

IMG_3773 IMG_3774 IMG_3780


And the final results

IMG_3805 IMG_3799 IMG_3809

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