It’s the premiere of Dancing with the Stars!!

The day we’ve all been waiting for! Well, at least I have! It has been awhile since I’ve been so excited for the start of a DWTS. I love the cast – especially Jaleel White (as already noted!) and Maria Menunous.

8:03pm – And kicking off Season 14 of DWTS is Maria! I loved the montage – her laugh is hilarious!

8:06pm – She’s actually pretty good! Hooray!

8:08pm – And Bruno declares her delicious! I see 3 sevens coming.

8:10pm – Bingo!

8:14pm – Jack Wagner… as Becky says “So far, I’m not a fan.” He comes off as kinda an arrogant jerk. And looks a bit like David Bowie.

8:18pm – So, he’s doing ok. They always give the old guys the ballroom dances to start with instead of the latins. Makes sense, but would love to see him suffer! And, on a side note, I so want Anna’s dress!

8:19pm – Carrie Ann must have a soap fan – she’s doing her happy dance. Me…. meh. He’s ok, but not that great. Becky is predicting 7s and an 8 from Carrie Ann.

8:24pm – That’s crap! 2 8’s? No way!

8:25pm – Donald Driver and Peeta what?? Megatron? That’s it. She’s Peeta Megatron.

8:28pm – Becky: “I think she’s Australian” Lisa: “No, I’m pretty sure she’s decepticon” David (Becky’s hubby): “What does she turn into?”

8:29pm – Donald seems to be doing the former football players proud – good dancing, lots of personality – he will make it far!

8:35pm – 7’s across the board. Not bad! Already the audience is booing. Whatever.

8:37pm – It’s Gavin’s turn. I’m just not interested in him. I never liked his music that much. Becky and I had a bit of research, as she was thinking that he was the one who dated Britney in rehab. But, alas, it was Howie Day.

8:39pm – She’s wearing pants! This may be the most material Karina has ever worn while dancing. Her and Gavin are kinda cute – Becky likes his smile. I think he looks a little putzy. He does seem awfully polite though.

8:40pm – “I sometimes stiffen up at the wrong times.” I take it back, I like this guy! But now Becky is making fun of his chicklet teeth.

8:42pm – “I’m in the middle of a pretty sandwich” while standing between Brooke and Karina. He’s smooth. 2 7’s and a 6. Fair.

8:47pm – Roshon: “You may know me from….” Or not. Who is this guy? Not as cute as Kyle Massey yet. Maybe he’ll grow on us?

8:49pm – Ok, he’s actually pretty good. Kinda looks like Chris Brown imitating Michael Jackson at times, but definite potential. Bruno agrees! “Unbelievable!” And Carrie Ann agrees with my MJ comparison. Of course, grouchy pants in the middle wants to see more cha cha cha. Becky says 8, 7, 8. I agree.

8:50pm – My first video preview of my pick to win – Jaleel White! SO EXCITED!!!

8:56pm – And Becky wins again!

8:56pm – Damn, Sherri Shepherd, those are some rockin’ knockers!  And Val, you are not the better looking Chemerkovsky.

8:58pm – Dancing to ‘Sherry’? Really? She’s sweet. I like her. She’ll be fun to watch. And listen to! She won’t get far, but I will enjoy the time she does have.

9:00pm – and Mr. Crankypants says something nice. They love her happiness. Me, too.

9:01pm – “I think I left a boob on the floor” Damn. 2 8’s? No  way. That’s not right. Maria was at least as good, if not better. Not cool. But I still love you, Sherri!

9:03pm – Laura Ingalls Wilder!! She got the dream cast member for sure! Poor Maks – you’re not going to win this season either.

9:04pm – I DO NOT like the pants. Yick. Just wear a dress! Looks a bit like a deranged Sandy from Grease. Becky says it’s Black Swan Sandy.

9:07pm – For the brief look we got, William Levy looks like the love child of Ricky Martin and Brad Pitt. But which team is he on?

9:11pm – Ouch, our first 6. We agree she totally deserves the 6. The 7s were a bigger surprise. “I’m a lucky woman.” Damn straight, Melissa. We’d all kill to dance with Maks.

9:12pm – And the girls go wild! William Levy, the “Latin Brad Pitt.” He’s ok. What is up w/ the headband?

9:15pm – Worse remake of ‘International Love’. Usually the music is great, but, wow, that was bad. But William Levy’s not too bad.

9:16pm – Bruno is in love. Watch out, William. Carrie Ann: “First, I’d like to thank ABC for my job.” Of course you like the way he moves, Carrie Ann, but what about the dancing?

9:22pm – 8’s – ok. Fair enough. I thought he was ok. Maybe not 8’s worthy though.

9:23pm – Poor Tony – he always gets screwed. He always gets the worst partners that have no chance of winning. Martina may surprise us, but I’m not betting on it.

9:25pm – We’re calling it – Martina is first to go. So bad.

9:31pm – Opera singer Katherine is awfully cute!

9:35pm – And she’s SO GOOD! Oh, I like her!! 9’s!!

9:41pm – Wow! 2 9’s and an 8! On a first night. She’s fantastic!

9:44pm – Nice moves, Gladys Knight. Plenty of spunk and personality! I think she’ll make it a few weeks on that alone! Good for her!

9:47pm – Again, 2 8’s! I think that’s a little much, but I do love her! I feel like Maria got the shaft dancing first. Had she gone later, she’d be getting 8’s too! Oh well. The weeks will even it out.

9:52pm – EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! It’s Jaleel White!!!! YAY!!!!

9:55pm – And he did not disappoint!!! SO HAPPY!!!!

9:57pm – Tied for first!!!! I can’t tell you how so excited I am! Team Jaleel! My dream casting has paid off!!


So, at the end of the first night, here are my predictions. This season is SO difficult to guess. No one stands out as being bad – they’re all so equal. But, here’s what I’m thinking. 

1. Jaleel White
2. Katherine Jenkins
3. Donald Driver
4. Maria Menunous
5. Roshon Fegan
6. Gladys Knight
7. William Levy
8. Sherri Shepherd
9. Melissa Gilbert
10. Gavin DeGraw
11. Jack Wagner
12. Martina Navritilova

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