Super cute spring wreath

Pinterest has become my new obsession. (follow me here) Recently, I came across the most adorable spring wreath and just HAD to make it for myself. This craft was originally posted by Patty Schaffer at P.S. Capture the Details. I have a feeling her blog is going to become a new favorite of mine.

Supplies Needed:

2 skeins of Fun Fur Yarn (can find at Michael’s or JoAnn’s)

8 or 10 inch floral foam wreath

Flowers (The original shows floral trim. I used silk flowers)


Pearlized pins to match your flowers

Any other embellishments you’d like



The post really does a fantastic job of showing how to wrap the yarn around the wreath. In short, be sure to wrap the yarn tight and close, and give it a fluff every so often. This process will take awhile – it took me 2 hours to wrap mine. Put on a movie and get to it!


Once you have your wreath completely wrapped, it is time to decorate! I honestly had my glue gun out and ready to go… until someone pointed out that my ‘hairy’ wreath looked like a Muppet. I realized immediately that I could not permanently glue anything to the wreath – I had to leave it temporary so that come Halloween, I can redecorate it. Here’s my first attempt at a Muppet version:


Ok, back to the spring wreath! Unlike the tutorial, I used silk flowers. I popped the heads of and stuck them with yellow-headed pins. I then arranged them on the wreath. I added extra pizazz with a cute bedazzled butterfly. Tie a ribbon on and hang!

WP_000774 IMG_3615 IMG_3616

Ta Da!IMG_3613

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