DIY: Christmas Decorations–Rudolph the Soap Reindeer


When I was a kid – no idea how old – we made these Rudolph decorations in my church youth group. For some reason, after all these years, I still have mine. It’s a little rough looking, but it still smells nice, and it makes me smile.

Making Rudolph is a very simple and fun (and cheap!) activity you can do at home with your kids, or some kids you’ve borrowed for the afternoon!

Here’s what you need (and where I got mine):

IMG_3373* Brown dish cloths – I find dish cloths are thinner and do not have the stripe that bath washcloths have. Definitely easier to work with ($3 at Target)
* Bar of soap – pick one you like the smell of! ($1 each at Dollar Tree)
* Googly eyes ($.99 at Michaels)
* Red pom poms ($1 at Dollar Tree)
* Brown pipe cleaners ($.99 at Michaels)
* Ribbon (had on hand)
* Rubber band (had on hand)
* Decoration (bells, fake holly) ($3.99 for a bag of bells at Michaels)
* Glue gun (had on hand)

TOTAL: $12 for two (plus lots of leftover pom poms, bells and pipe cleaners)

Step One: The first step is to wrap the soap. Place the soap face up in one corner and roll the soap to the middle. Take the other corner and fold twice to the middle. Fold that up and over the bar of soap. Pull up the loose edges and secure with a rubber band.


Step Two: Tie a ribbon around the rubber band. If you are attaching a bell, string it onto the ribbon before tying the bow.

IMG_3389IMG_3390Step Three: Place the eyes and pom pom nose and secure with a glue gun.


Step Four: Using the pipe cleaner, cut the ends off to form the antlers. Glue gun the antlers to the back of your Rudolph


And, Ta Da!! Your Rudolph is done!


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