DIY: Christmas Ornament Wreath

IMG_3372I found this great book at a thrift store called Making Classic Wreaths. There are some great ideas for wreaths for all seasons. The one that really stood out to me was the Christmas ornament wreath – but I wanted to put my own spin on it.


All the supplies can be found at JoAnn’s or Michael’s. Although, for the actual ornaments, you can often find fantastic deals on ornaments at Target, Walmart or Dollar Tree.



Here’s a full list of supplies:
* Wire wreath form. This can be whatever size you’d like. I got an 18 inch.
* Ornaments – get a variety of sizes in whatever color scheme you’d like. I went with silver and gold, but in shiny, matte and glitter for added texture and interest.
* Craft wire – fairly thin and pliable
* Wire cutters
* Needle nose pliers
* Filler – The book calls for pine branches. I used a feathery craft boa
* Ribbon for a big bow
* Hanger for the wall
* Bandaids (well, at least I sure needed them – that wire is sharp!)


Step One: Spread the different sized and colored ornaments around the wreath. Not looking for exact placement, but just a general feel.

IMG_0557Step Two: Begin attaching each ornament to the wreath using the craft wire. Start with the largest ornaments. The book suggests to start with the outside and move in. Then, move to the medium sized ornaments, then the smallest. Pack them tightly, but acknowledge that there will be some movement still.

Step Three: Using a glue gun, start to glue the ornaments together. Be sure to not glue too solidly, as you still need to put in the filler.

Step Four: Put in the filler. If using branches, just tuck into the spaces between the ornaments. With the feather boa, I wove it in and around the ornaments to fill in the spaces.

Step Five: Glue the filler and ornaments together with the glue gun. It is best to glue it solidly enough that there is no movement. Especially if you’re using glass ornaments, your wreath will be pretty fragile and breakable. Avoiding ornament ‘flopping’ will minimize possible breakage.

Step Six:  Attach a bow. Honestly, I suck at making bows. This one took me a great number of tries before I got it decent. Get your bow perfect and glue it on in where it makes sense. Mine is covering my least favorite section of the wreath. Camouflage. 

And TA DA! You have a beautiful wreath to last for years to come!


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