Does it work? Bissell Little Green ProHeat Carpet Cleaner (just in time for the holidays!)

Photo_C7C1E50D-9263-2015-08D5-F6C64A2E7E58My adorable little kitty is bulimic. Let me explain. We have a routine each morning. She follows me around as I get ready for work, meowing non-stop until I feed her. It’s not a terribly creative routine, but that’s how it goes. Some mornings, she is especially hungry. These are the mornings that she buries her face in her bowl, scarfs her food without chewing, and a few minutes later, pukes it all back up. Never on the linoleum, mind you. Always on the carpet. One day, I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond and found the Bissell Little Green ProHeat for carpet cleaning.  It was $99, but was priced incorrectly. Between the discount they gave me for the mis-pricing, and the 20% off coupon I had, I ended up getting it for $60.

The Bissell Little Green ProHeat comes with two scrubbing attachments, one a regular scrubber, the other is more of a crevice tool. For purchase separately ($9.99), is the Bissell Little Green Formula. One side of the machine holds tap water, combined with the formula. The other side collects the dirty water.

I clean up all the solid particles before using. When I turn on the machine, I let it run for a few minutes. The water heats up in a few seconds and the indicator glows red.

Once the water is heated, I spray the area liberally. The spray comes out from behind the scrubber part in the handle. I let the solution sit for a few minutes, then begin scrubbing. I spray a few times and continue to scrub until the stain disappears.


IMG_2702 IMG_2703

IMG_2704The top of the scrubber is clear plastic, so you can see the dirty water going up into the handle. I go over the spot until I no longer see dirty water, which means the area was mostly dry. Within an hour or so, it is dry to the touch.

I’ve been using my Bissell Little Green ProHeat for a few months now and LOVE it. It works on dirt, food stains and, of course, cat vomit. The stain can even dry into the carpet, and the Little Green will get it clean. It is definitely worth the money I spent, and even worth it without the discounts!

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