Extending the life of your pressed powder compact

Compacts are a staple in my purse. It’s perfect for touch-ups mid-day, covering the shine that comes after a long day at work, or as a bit of tone-evener for splotchy skin. I never leave home without it.

As the compact wears down, you know what happens. The middle wears down to nothing until the edges crack. One day, you open it up and get crumbled powder all over the front of you, or in your purse. I always hated to toss it, as what’s left can be nearly a quarter of the compact.


I found a way to save it and continue using it as loose powder instead.

  1. Find a good reusable container. I love the Altoids Sours tin, but I think they’ve discontinued that line. A regular Altoids tin will work. Or, if you have a used empty or nearly empty loose powder container that will be perfect also. You can combine the remnants of that loose powder with the pressed powder.
  2. If it was a mints or food-type container, wash it out.
  3. Break up the rest of the pressed powder and empty it into your container.
  4. Use a blunt object to crush the pieces into a fine powder. I usually just use the end of a makeup brush. I suppose you could use your fingers or a hairbrush.
  5. Your formerly pressed powder can now be applied with a big brush, just like regular loose powder.
  6. Buy a new compact for your purse, and continue to re-fill your loose powder container as your pressed powder compacts wear down.

I’ve found this solution helps me to ‘recycle’ my compacts BEFORE they crumble and make a mess of my purse. I don’t mind paying to replace them earlier, knowing that what’s left is still being put to use!

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