Does it work? Shout Color Catcher

Recently, I’ve been seeing the ads for the Shout Color Catcher. I have to admit, I’ve been using this product for years, but with the increased advertising recently, I figured I should share my experience with you.

shout-color-catcherShout Color Catcher claims that you no longer have to sort your laundry. Colors and whites can live in harmony in your unsegregated wash. No more sorting, no more small laundry loads to wash those few dark items. This could be a life changer – especially for those who have to pay for each load, and those of us with water bills. That is, if it works….

Well, as someone who used to pay by the load, I am here to tell you that it DOES work! As I said above, I’ve been using this for years and have yet to be disappointed. To show you results, I performed a little experiment. I took two red tops (one had only been washed once) and threw them in a load with my favorite white t-shirt. As I’m sure you know, cotton knits pick up color bleeding like no other! I threw in a Color Catcher sheet (about the size of a dryer sheet, but thicker).

When I pulled the clothes from the wash, this is what I found:

SEE? It DOES work, and works well! Just imagine all that pink on my favorite t-shirt. Although, that shirt would be awfully cute in pink…

As the Shout Color Catcher website states, I would still be careful with any dark clothes that you’ve never washed before, or ones that you know bleed excessively. But for most of your washes, the Color Catcher will save you time and money while keeping your whites white.

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