Easy Halloween Decoration–Cute Ghosties!


Here is a super quick and easy project you can do on your own, or with any children in your life. Cute Halloween Ghosties!

These fun little ghosts are extremely inexpensive, but add whimsy to your holiday decorations.



Here’s what you’ll need

* Styrofoam Balls. Pick any size you’d like, or multiple sizes. You can find these at any craft stores, or even some Dollar Tree stores.

* White fabric. Tear up old sheets, or buy from the local fabric store. White fabric can be found for very cheap.

* White tulle. This can also be found at fabric stores, and in the bridal section at some Dollar Tree stores.

* Sharpie

* Fishing line or clear thread and needle.

Preparing your supplies

Cut your fabric into squares. I cut mine into different sized squares – don’t feel like they have to all be same size, feel free to mix it up! Wrap them around the styrofoam balls to check sizing.

Tear or cut the tulle into strips. I think it looks better for the strips to be asymmetrical.

Putting your ghosties together

Wrap the fabric around the styrofoam. Tie tightly with tulle. Fluff the fabric and tulle. Using the sharpie, draw the face on. Happy, scary, surprised – all faces work great! Practice on a sheet of paper if you feel you need to. I think a variety of ghostie faces is best!

Hanging your ghosties

Using fishing line or clear thread, create a loop in the top of the ghostie. Wrap the thread around a clear thumb tack and hang from the ceiling or doorway. Hang them alone, group them together, or hang along a wall!

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