Metta World…. Peace Out (DWTS – Episode Two Recap)

And that wasn’t the only thing out last night!!

OK….I have to admit….it watched it this morning and didn’t notice a “slip” at all. I think this picture makes more of it than there was. What are your thoughts on Nancy? She is sort of growing on me, although I don’t like the way she treated our wee Irish partner this week! Did anyone else noticed the way she kept caressing his face during practice? CA-reepy for sure!

This week I tried to find a fun quote for each couple that was either said or said about them.  Enjoy!

First jive of the night:  Hope and Maks:  nice booty shake and she looks like she is having a much better time this week.  Len loves it, but she lost her timing a little bit.  Bruno: precise and accurate..needs to work on it.  Score: 19 out of 30

Kristin and Mark: Quick step: a cute Marilyn!  Bedazzled by the blonde bombshell.  Hold your frame.  Dance wasn’t as good as you look.  Score:  22

David and KymSilly and complicated like me!  I felt like he was frantic and concentrating so hard. Len agreed with me adding: A little too loose. Score: 18

Elisabetta and Val :  I have to admit….I tried to put a picture of her for my new LEAST favorite.  She feels like she is in Kindergarten and lots of attitude towards Val.  Well guess what George Clooney’s ex-GF….you are ACTING like you are in Kindergarten…so it is about right!  I felt like Val is overcompensating for her, plus they broke hold…BIG mistake.  Not great, but better than last week Carrie Ann thinks the quick step is “her dance”  Whatever Fly Gurl…  Score: 21

Rob and Cheryl“Don’t be afraid to be great!”  Well….again….better than last week, but not fantastic. Rob is a better dancer than Kim! Did you see how Bruce fist pumped the air at this “compliment”?  Good lord….things must be tough for the men in that house.  Score: 21

Carson and Anna: What I love about this couple is, Anna spends the entire time laughing at him.   She has always looked so serious and grump grump in the past!  “This is my chance to Zchooze it up!’   I liked it!  he may be the worst, but is the most fun to watch.  Pee Wee Herman goes to the Prom!  Score: 18

Ricki and Derek: SASSY! Huh….not sure what I feel about the dance? Too sassy for Len. CA liked what she did and complimented her on her kicks and flicks correctly. Best dance of the night so far…. Score: 23

Chaz and Lacey:  Quick step:  ALREADY talking about leaving the show early…dun dun dunnnnn.  OK…if he gets a good score for this…we know it is rigged!  It was like watching a little Ewok dancing with Princess Leia.  It’s the quickstep and I work faster through the car wash.  Score: 17

Chyna and Tony: “Sorry Jesus…I have to curse!”  I mean….oh fudgesicle!  I didn’t mind this one.  I thought she did better than the judges gave her credit for!  Did anyone else think she looked like a sparkly birdcage?  Just sayin’… Score: 21

Nancy and Tristan: supposedly there was a nip slip…but I didn’t see it.  Len loves it because she didn’t break the hold!  Score:  21  (On a side note: I think this is the first time I have EVER seen Len give a higher score than the other two judges!)

JR and Karina: the Jive:  WOW!   AH-MAY-ZING!  I now think this guy might win the whole thing!!!  There was a lift and we know how Carrie Ann feels about that! (boo) What’s on the label is not what is in the Tin  Len feels like it was a lindy hop (boo again).  Score: 22

Ok folks….did you like some of the quotes I jotted down?   I am so torn between the Pee-wee comment and apologizing to Jesus for my faves, but it made for a more entertaining night!

Does everyone else dislike Elisabetta as much as I do?  I hope so….cause I plan on continuing on bashing her until she is gone. Who is going home next? I honestly have no idea!  Who do I WANT to go home?   Ummmm…I think you already know this answer.

Until next week:  Metta World….Peace OUT!!!!

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