Choose your battles wisely! (aka: knock, knock motherf*@&er!)

A friend of mine sent me a link to what is now quite possibly the greatest blog post I have ever read in my life! The post is about picking your battles. Specifically, a battle her husband picked, that she hilariously countered. With a giant metal chicken.

Other than providing me with fits of giggles for days on end, the post got me thinking of some of the more ridiculous arguments I’ve had in my life. You know those arguments – the kind that seem so huge at the the time, but crack you up later. Like the one night I moved to the couch because the guy was snoring too loud. He swore he never snored and that I had to be making it up. As if I enjoy sleeping on the couch? Or the guy who, after I broke up with him, sent me a long, accusatory letter, where I was told I’d used him like a Kleenex and thrown him away. Genius.

But, I think this is my favorite. One evening, after work, I went over my then boyfriend’s apartment for dinner. I had been there for a few minutes, talking about the day, or whatever. Out of the blue, he looks at me and asks “Do you notice anything different?” I start looking around the room, trying to figure out if there were new curtains, or a new couch, or something obvious I had missed. I will freely acknowledge that I’m not always the most observant girl. But I was flummoxed. He got this hurt look on his face and announced, “I got my hair cut.” I looked, and sure enough, his hair had been cut. But here’s the deal: He had average guy hair – you know, short’ish, average’ish man-hair. The kind you cut every 6-8 weeks in exactly the same way every single time. I was astounded. Am I supposed to acknowledge every time he gets his hair trimmed the same as he did 6 weeks earlier? Really?? He got totally bent out of shape about it. Stormed off, slammed the door, threw a complete temper tantrum over me not noticing he got his hair cut! Never mind that only 2 months earlier, I’d chopped 4 inches off mine and he never noticed. But did I care? No! It’s hair! You cut it, it grows back, you cut it again. Seriously has to be the dumbest girl argument I’ve ever been in, and I wasn’t even acting the girl in this one!

What’s the most ridiculous argument you’ve ever been in?

8 thoughts on “Choose your battles wisely! (aka: knock, knock motherf*@&er!)

  1. OMG! I had that w/Chad last week. He was like “did you notice my haircut?” Um….luckily he didn’t throw a hissy like a girl!

    • I’m starting to wonder if maybe that’s why guys make fun of/blame us for those arguments – they’re trying to deflect blame from the fact that its THEM doing it! 🙂

    • Can I gush for a moment and just say I LOVE YOU!! You are hilarious and awesome and myself and my girlfriends want to be your friend!!

      Ok, thanks, had to get that out. Thank you for reading my blog! I’m a newbie this whole thing, so I am excited and honored to have a bloging veteran visit my site.

      And I agree, hair should always be off-limits, unless it involves excessive proclamations of how fantastic it looks 🙂

  2. i was at a Taco Time with my then boyfriend. there was a screaming child next to us that after 20 minutes was STILL screaming bloody murder. I made a comment to the BF that i wish the parents would remove said child, and at least take her to the car. I was irritated for sure and getting headache. He thought that was just the most redic thing in the world and later that night broke up with me for being so “insensative and cold hearted”. good lord……

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