Does it work? Swiffer WetJet

Of all the household chores, I hate sweeping and mopping the most. I would rather clean the bathroom ten times than sweep and mop the floor once. With sweeping, you spend more time chasing the dust pile around the room with the dustpan than actually sweeping. And mopping – ugh. Get out a bucket, cleaning solution, deal with trying to squeeze all the water out of the mop… just a dirty mess.

ScreenHunter_04 Aug. 15 12.59I got a coupon in the mail for a free refill with the purchase of the Swiffer WetJet starter kit. $7 savings?* Done! I’d seen the ads with claims that the WetJet cleans better than a mop. And their website is filled with video testimonials of customers who love it. Honestly, cleaning superiority wasn’t my main concern. My main concern was that it was easy and less messy than a mop! But, always being up for challenging advertising, I figured I’d do a quick comparison.

After sweeping the kitchen (ugh) to remove most debris, I took out my cheap sponge mop. Maybe not a fair comparison, but it’s what I have. Being the lazy mopper that I am, I just used regular dish soap. I also did not bother with a bucket – I just wet it down in the kitchen sink. I mopped the floor once with the dish soap and suds. I then went back over it again with just the wet sponge mop, with most of the soap squeezed out. IMG_2690

IMG_2691After letting the floor dry, I took out my Swiffer WetJet. Assembly was simple, which I’m a big fan of. Just snap together and done!

Using the mop was simple – just press to spray the solution and go over it with the WetJet. I didn’t spray a lot, just enough to make sure the floor was getting wet. Again, I went over the floor twice with the WetJet, right over where I had mopped.

IMG_2693When I was done, I flipped over the WetJet to look at the pad. I have to say, I was surprised. I thought maybe it would get up a little more than the mop, but not this much. Needless to say, I am very impressed and happy with my new WetJet! The one down side is the disposable pads. I am not a big environmentalist or anything, but I don’t like producing additional waste if I can help it. Obviously, a re-usable mop is a more environmentally friendly option. However, in this case, I will make an exception. The WetJet will make my life so much easier! I can’t help but love it!

*And, as of today, the coupon is available on the site if you wanna give it a try for yourself!

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  1. I hope you’re entertaining the possibility of dedicating some posts to answering readers’ questions like the following one. Is carpet dying a DIY project or one that is better left to the professionals? I won’t bore you with the details of how the bottle of Drano looked a lot like the bottle of carpet shampoo, but needless to say……….I need help!

    • Wow, Jannette… First off, yes, I would love to answer readers’ questions! I’m no expert, but I know some stuff, and will share whatever I know! As for carpet dying…here’s my fear – a bleached or stained section will dye differently than a non-stained one. Depending on the size of the room, getting a section of carpet installed may not be too pricey.

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