What is Modern Homemaking?

Use the word “Homemaker” or “Homemaking” and you instantly think of a perfectly coiffed, petite woman in the 1950’s, with a fabulous dress, apron, updo and red lipstick, don’t you?  The old television shows of the 50’s gave us these iconic images of the quintessential homemaker – she always looked amazing, seemed to have everything in order, with a smile on her face and cookies in the oven. June Cleaver, Harriet Nelson, Donna Stone provided the perfect homemaker role models…although some of us feel more like Lucy Ricardo.

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While many women may find the idea of a ‘homemaker’ to be old fashioned, or even demeaning, I really think that nothing could be farther from the truth. These women ruled the home. They may not have had full time jobs, but they were in control of their household. I think this is something we can and should continue, single or married.

There are many elements I see as key to ruling your home. Here are just a few I hope to tackle in this blog.

Lisa-0301. House Cleaning

I’ve sifted through a number of blogs and advice columns about homemaking. Most have wonderful advice and tips for keeping your home neat and orderly, however, most are directed toward married, stay-at-home moms. There are things I can learn from them, but so much of the advice just does not work for a single working girl. Can you believe there are actually homemaking schedules? Wow – if only I had time for that. But there are some simple things you can do that I will share with you.

Lisa-0672. Home Repairs/Maintenance

This is harder to define, as each home is different. There are the obvious – changing light bulbs, replacing batteries in smoke detectors… But sometimes there is more – fixing window drafts, replacing a toilet tank float, installing dimmer switches. Many of us are too intimidated to try. And, truthfully, there are things you should leave to the professionals. But there are also so many things that are possible and actually EASY, if you just do a little research to learn how. Have something you want me to cover – let me know!

Lisa-0923. Cooking

Cooking for one person is so difficult. In the nine months or so that I’ve lived alone, I have thrown out so much food. Leftovers, produce I can’t eat fast enough… it’s a total waste of money. There are creative ways to make your food last, and to not feel like you’re eating the same thing every day of the week. I’ll share the few things I’ve learned, including recipes and food-storage tips.

Lisa-0834. Décor and Personalization

Your home should be where you feel the most comfortable, the most ‘you’. Personalize your home with colors that make you happy, photos of your friends and family, mementos and memories. On a budget? Learn ways to personalize your home for cheap! There are simple things you can do (paint!) to refresh your space and make it feel like home. DIY does not have to be hard – I can show you how to make it fun!

Lisa-1115. Entertaining

Do you love having friends over? Would you like to be the perfect hostess, but don’t think you can? Justa wanna strut your stuff? You can be a great hostess, whether it’s a dinner party, or playing host to family or friends visiting from out of town. I can show you how to successfully (and cheaply!) entertain and impress your guests.

Lisa-0266. Accepting yourself where you are NOW

I just watched Bride Wars. Yeah, I’ll admit it. The wedding planner said something in that movie that hit me. She told the brides “A wedding marks the first day of the rest of your life. You have been dead until now. Were you aware of that? You’re dead right now.” I cringed. I think I used to think that. Maybe not to the extent that I thought I was dead before. But I did think life would start when I got married. I want to encourage you to take full advantage of who you are at this exact moment! Don’t wait, don’t spend your time dreaming of what could be. Just BE! I hope to encourage you through some fun things you can do to make the most of your good, single life!

Here’s to reclaiming homemaking for the single girl!

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